Your rights to owning and obtaining dogs in Victoria are being taken away

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Dog Breeding and Ownership to be stopped in Victoria.

The planning laws in Victoria have been changed to disallow breeding of any sort on residential properties without a change of land use permit. This includes all species this will see a further reduction on breeding which is already at an all time low after the government making changes to legislation which has seen the need for Victorian residents to ship animals in from interstate some of which arriving in poor conditions.

A case in the last 24hrs is that the Macedon Rangers council has not issued any animal permits and are now demanding that dog owners reduce their numbers to 2 immediately, even suggesting the euthanasia of old animals that cannot be on sold which is an awful outcome and not something dog owners should be faced to do.

The changes to the DAA by the current government have done nothing to reduce the number of puppy farmers it has in fact legitimised these breeders with the introduction of the PER which gives every breeder a breeder number which in turn makes them look like a trust worthy seller. Welfare is not a numbers game is determined by the conditions the animals are raised and kept. Victoria has become the most animal unfriendly state governed by Animal Rights not Welfare and is now going to spell the end of people being able to source animals in their own state. 

The planning minister has been contacted numerous times to discuss this but he will not even respond to emails.
At a time in Victoria where people are faced with all sorts of mental health issues due to COVID this is only going to further increase these issues and the state as a whole will see a future without pets. 

We are trying to get support to help us with our lobbying to get these laws changed. This effects all species  not just dogs currently NO ONE who lives in a residential property is able to breed any species without a change of land use. We want answers to why this was changed, breeders in Victoria were told they could own 10 fertile females without having to be a DAB this is null and void when breeding is not permitted.



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