Save Australia's largest timber building, the iconic Mount Buffalo Chalet.

Save Australia's largest timber building, the iconic Mount Buffalo Chalet.

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Australia’s largest timber building, the 1910 government owned and heritage-listed Mount Buffalo Chalet has been vacant for almost a decade and needs immediate, genuine government commitment and funding for its survival and restoration.  Currently there are token works on the facade and ‘core’ section of the building. These works need to extend across the entire building before it’s lost to ‘demolition by neglect.’  Without the government providing sufficient funding to help restore the Chalet appropriately for its long term survival, the majority of the building will be facing demolition imminently due to the harsh Alpine environment combined with the already critical state the Chalet is currently in. 

It’s time Premier Andrews and his government stepped up to help save this extraordinary heritage-listed building so it can be restored to its former glory, opened again as a hotel/function venue and continue to hold the title of ‘Australia’s largest timber building.’  If saved, the Chalet would again become one of Victoria’s most iconic and historic tourist destinations, bringing substantial economic benefit and tourism to the North East and Victoria while also being able to compete with similar historic hotels across the world.

Built in 1910, the same year as Flinders St Station and also run by the Victorian Railways, the Chalet is Australia’s oldest surviving purpose-built Alpine resort.  Built on the edge of one of Australia’s most stunning locations, the Mount Buffalo Gorge, the 97 guestroom Chalet ran as a hotel for nearly a century before it was closed down and left to suffer state approved ‘demolition by neglect’ while successive governments investigated viable plans that were never funded.  The building hasn’t received a coat of paint in over a decade and routinely leaks internally, rapidly destroying the 106 year old timber Chalet.

While the Victorian government is showing their outrage regarding the recent demolition of the privately owned heritage-listed Corkman Inn, "Wilful and illegal destruction of our heritage will not be tolerated” Minister for Planning, Richard Wynne, the governments own heritage-listed Mount Buffalo Chalet is suffering the same fate and is receiving no outrage or media attention from our Ministers.  

More now than ever after the State government’s recent $9.7 billion dollar windfall, Daniel Andrew’s has the power to help restore Australia’s largest timber building, the iconic Mount Buffalo Chalet to its former glory and he needs to exercise that power to save this extraordinary heritage-listed building for future generations. 

“The Mount Buffalo Chalet, known to many as, 'the jewel in the crown’ is Australia's largest timber building, built in 1910. This charming heritage-listed building, situated in one of the most breathtaking landscapes in Australia is world class. The Chalet has the potential to become the highlight of the North East Region. Its location high in the mountains on the edge of the spectacular gorge offers a unique and memorable experience as favourably remembered by past holiday makers and many successive generations.  We need to offer this opportunity to future generations by returning the Chalet to its former glory.” - Lindal Page, Bright.

Please sign my petition to let Daniel Andrew’s know he needs to commit to saving Victoria’s heritage and Australia’s largest timber building.  The iconic, Mount Buffalo Chalet.