Protect our native Australian animals

Protect our native Australian animals

2 February 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Victoria Wildlife & Animal Rescue Support

Recently koalas from the largest koala population in Australia were cruelly massacred at Bluegum plantation. This has been a regular occurance since 2013 without effective monitoring & intervention from our government. 

In 2013 Australia's largest woodchip exporter stopped logging in areas with high populations of koalas after admitting it had killed and maimed animals in Victoria's south-west.

Australian Bluegum Plantations was stripped of its environmental credentials after an independent environmental audit by the non-profit Rainforest Alliance found the company had breached too many guidelines designed to protect koalas.

Again in 2015 footage circulated of bulldozers knocking down trees at ABP, one tree with a koala mother & her small joey in it while a member of the public called for them to stop & watched in horror.

In 2017 new legislative requirements were set by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) in Victoria.  Under these, ABP have received authorisation to disturb koalas in accordance with Section 28A (1A) of the Wildlife Act and implemented a Koala Management Plan approved by DELWP. 

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28A Authorisation to take wildlife

(1) The Secretary may give written authorisation to a person to do all or any of the following—

(a) hunt, take or destroy wildlife;

(b) buy, sell, acquire, receive, dispose of, keep, possess, control, breed, process, display, take samples from or experiment on wildlife—

if he or she is satisfied that the authorisation is necessary.

This legislation must be reviewed & changed immediately.

Koalas should have been deemed a threatened species since so many perished in the recent bushfires, drought & extreme heat & areas with high populations of koalas must be protected.

The logging in Victoria of Eucalyptus trees needs to stop due to over 1 billion animals perishing in the current bushfires, including over 25,000 koalas.

This is not including the slaughtered koalas at Bluegum Plantation, deaths from drought, extreme heat & removal of natural resources essential to survival like food & water. This also needs to stop due of the extent of the loss of natural Australian habitat & flora essential to our native wildlife’s survival.

Our government needs to respect & protect our land, our habitat, it’s natural resources & it’s natural native occupants. 

Our government also needs monitor & hold those breaking the law in regards to deliberate acts of animal cruelty accountable to their actions immediately & with penalties that are significant enough to deter people in the future.

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Signatures: 3,357Next goal: 5,000
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