Daniel Andrews:Please let Louise stay in her home of 25 years don't put her on the street

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I can't bear it. Our 60 year old neighbour will be removed from her home of 25 years - and is facing eviction onto the streets unless Premier Daniel Andrews intervenes this week.

Louise Goode has been through hell - she was taken away from her much loved family and grew up in an orphanage, and now she suffers PTSD.

Now, the social housing group CEHL are planning on evicting her in retaliation for defending her human rights and protecting others. It is ridiculous and heartbreaking.

Louise is a beautiful caring woman. She is the heart and soul of our neighbourhood - attends our kids birthday parties, shares whatever she has with the community and is the first to help anyone and everyone.

I'm so worried for her. The community are desperate for her to stay in her home. A decision is being made on March 7 so we need your help!

Please Daniel Andrews, don't remove this beautiful woman from the only community family she's ever had. Please sign and share this petition with your friends and family so Louise can remain in her home