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How dare our government expose our national icon the Kangaroo to the Pet food Industry.

Australian Society for Kangaroos
'Dedicated to the victims of the largest wildlife slaughter in the world'



Pic- a joey bludgeoned to death by a professional kangaroo shooter



It is absolutely scandalous that the Victorian Andrews government has approved the kangaroo meat and skins industry permanent access to hunt and kill Victoria’s kangaroos for pet food, despite their own internal department reports exposing the kangaroo meat and skins industry as corrupt, criminal, fraudulent, profit driven, unregulated, totally unsupervised in the field, a risk to public safety and a risk to the conservation of kangaroos. These findings can be found in the Victorian government’s Kangaroo Pet Food Trial Executive Summary report- link providedbelow .

The Andrew’s government has given the green light to the kangaroo meat and skins industry to slaughter Victoria’s remaining kangaroos for profit without ANY consultation with the Victorian public,despite the fact that this is in clear breach of the Victorian government's Community Charter, despite the fact that the public legally owns its wildlife in Victoria, despite the fact that administering this industry is entirely funded by Victorian taxpayers, and despite published Australian government research exposing widespread, systemic cruelty within this industry with kangaroo shooters proven to be inflicting horrific cruelty on orphaned baby joeys after they shoot their mother.

It also requires noting that the Minister responsible for allowing this commercial killing program, Lily D’Ambrosia has deliberately misled the public by stating on their website that,“The new program will be overseen to ensure that Victoria’s kangaroo population will be sustainably managed, while meeting animal welfare requirements", when she knows damn well that there is no supervision in the field at the point of kill and that this is well documented in the government’s own report. The commercial slaughter of kangaroos is totally unsupervised in the field at the point of kill and NOBODY is out there protecting kangaroos or overseeing the killing. Research by Agrifutures, a government research body, published a comprehensive research report in 2014 which revealed professional shooters for the kangaroo meat and skins industry are routinely killing pouch young using practices that breach their code of practice, leading to prolonged pain and suffering for the orphans. It revealed that 99% of dependent at-foot orphans are abandoned by professional shooters after they shoot their mother, leaving thousands of out of pouch baby kangaroos to die every year from starvation, stress and predation.These government researchers observed shooters swinging pouch joeys by their hind legs while bashing them with an iron bar, bashing them against utility racks, stomping on their heads, and decapitating them without stunning, with shooters rarely checking if the joey was dead before throwing them in the dirt and walking away with their mother. These practices are all in breach of their Code of Practice and have the potential the cause prolonged pain and suffering. If ANYONE did this to any other animal, they would go to jail, and they have, but because kangaroo shooters are allowed to carry out these atrocities under their their Code of Practice, they are protected from prosecution. The Code of Practice for the Humane Shooting of Kangaroos and Wallabies is legalised government sanctioned cruelty on a grand scale with hundreds of thousands of orphaned joeys brutalised this way every year at the hands of this industry.

Since 2014 when the Victorian government allowed access to the kangaroo meat and skins industry into Victoria under the “Kangaroo Pet Food trial”, there has been a 400% increase in the number of kangaroos being killed in Victoria with some zones even showing a 700% increase. The average number of kangaroos authorised to be killed annually under ACTW prior to 2014 was around 30- 50,000 kangaroos however there are now almost 200,000 kangaroos slaughtered annually in Victoria since the kangaroo meat and skins industry was given access. So according to government data, since 2014 almost 800,000 kangaroos were authorised to be killed in Victoria and with government surveys alleging only 1.4 million kangaroos remaining in 2018, we fear that a third of Victoria’s kangaroos may have already been killed as a direct result of this industry.

It is also important to note that when a NSW ecologist analysed the raw data from the Victorian population surveys, he found gross manipulation of the data potentially designed to artificially inflate kangaroo numbers. The government surveyors did this by counting kangaroos in protected areas such as national parks, and then they extrapolated the data across cleared and agricultural areas which were largely void of kangaroos. This potentially fraudulent methodology is artificially inflating kangaroo numbers to mask ongoing decline and to allow them to kill more kangaroos. The data also revealed that vast areas were not even surveyed in Victoria. 

The Australian Society for Kangaroos is calling for an urgent independent inquiry into the kangaroo meat and skins industry in Victoria before any more kangaroos and their joeys are killed. This industry has been found to be cruel, corrupt, fraudulent, criminal, unregulated, unsupervised and unsustainable and we urge the Victorian Parliament to immediately suspend this industry in Victoria until an independent inquiry is completed, the welfare and conservation of Victoria’s kangaroos can be guaranteed and the Victorian public is given it’s rightful opportunity to have input into the decision as taxpayers funding this industry, and as per their rights under the Victorian Community Charter.



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Telling your story about your experience with kangaroos and how this industry has affected you. Publish your story on your Facebook page and/or send it to your local radio/talkback and newspaper outlets.

Share this email with your friends and family and any media contacts you have.

Don’t buy kangaroo meat/products.

Contact your local MPs, state, federal and local, calling for an urgent independent inquiry into this cruel and corrupt industry citing all the information above.

Don’t let kangaroo shooters onto your property and if your neighbors are doing it please contact us for support



Please find below various media reports and links about this horrific decision by the Victorian government.