Cancel quail hunting and prevent duck hunting in Victoria in 2020

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This year much of South-eastern Australia has been devastated by bushfire. This includes millions of hectares of bushland destroyed as well as houses, property and other assets. In addition, human lives have been lost. Well documented is the loss of our native wildlife - conservatively estimated at more than one billion birds and animals lost in Victoria alone - and that is only birds and mammals and does not include invertebrates, fish and more.

On 22nd January this year, Field and Game announced a Stubble Quail season in Victoria running from 4th April through to 30th June of this year with a bag limit of 20 birds per person per day.

Whilst not yet announced, it is likely that the Andrews government in Victoria will announce a duck hunting season too. Despite the fires and despite the fact that there is one of the worst droughts in our recorded history across much of the potential duck habitat in eastern Australia.

Is the tragic death of ONE BILLION birds and animals not enough? Do we now have to have state-sanctioned slaughter of MORE animals?

If you feel as disgusted about this as I do, please sign my petition to have the Andrews government in Victoria rescind the quail hunting season and say NO! to a duck hunting season in Victoria.