Ban Greyhound Racing in VICTORIA

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There is lots of controversy about whether or not Greyhound Racing should exist. But I'm going to break it down to you on why it should be banned completely in Victoria and why I need YOUR help to end the cruelty.

  • Australia represents the 3rd largest greyhound racing industry in the world.
  • The Victorian Government is expressing that they have no plans on banning greyhound racing in Victoria - but we want to change that.
  • The industry is responsible for animal cruelty, corruption, over-breeding, and the use of illegal drugs. 
  • Between 13,000 and 17,000 healthy young dogs are killed each year by the greyhound racing industry in Australia. And the industry ADMITTED this themselves.
  • The industry has failed to reform a way to stop the constant mistreatment of these beautiful animals.
  • This is not something you can improve by legislation; it has to be removed completely for the sake of all animals.
  • Most racing greyhounds will die before their 5th birthday.
  • Piglets, possums and rabbits are used as LIVE baiting. Don't believe this? Watch Four Corners: Making A Killing. You will be shocked.
  • Greyhounds are at risk of broken legs and severe head injuries while on the track and when they are training.
  • Some ex-racers go into breeding programs, but will usually be killed when they are just 5-6 years old.
  • Animals Australia reported in January 2015 that WA trainer Linda Britton was suspended for 18 months after doping dogs with anabolic steroids. But she was then given the WA's Number 1 Trainer just a few days after her suspension. 
  • Approximately 200 dogs are reported injured during races every week in Australia.
  • Animals Australia stated that on average around 5 dogs are killed at official races each week as a result of greyhound racing.

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What you can do to help:
Don't bet on the greyhounds at any venue or online. Sign this petition so I can send it off to the Minister of Racing and our Premier of Victoria.