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This petition is against the use of animal fur and the continued operations in Canada and worldwide of companies that use animal fur on their merchandise.  This is an appeal to everyone to help end the use of real animal furs and the operations involving the production of real animal fur.


This petition is against brands Canada Goose, Mackage, Moose Knuckles, Parajumpers, Soft Moc and any other retailer in their use of real animal fur on winter garments.  This is a petition to request that these companies stop using real animal furs on their merchandise.


Below is a list of real animal fur used by each brand listed above: 


Canada Goose – Coyote fur


Mackage – Rabbit fur, Coyote fur, Asiatic raccoon fur, and raccoon fur


Moose knuckles – Arctic Blue fox and Silver Fox fur


Parajumpers – Finn raccoon fur and coyote fur


Soft Moc – Rabbit fur



Millions of innocent and helpless animals are being killed to end up as fur trim on jackets, boots and other accessories. 


A message to dog and animal lovers: Most of the animals used to provide fur for these brands are in the same Canidae family as the dogs we call our pets.  How is this allowed and accepted?  What is the difference between wild animals and our pets?  That point aside, it should not be a point of interest as to whether the animal is a dog or not in order to determine its worth as a living being in need of protection.  NO ANIMAL should be killed for their fur. 


If you care for animals and want to preserve wildlife, as a consumer, please be conscious of what you are purchasing and opt for options that DO NOT use real animal fur.


Just because it is still common practice to wear real animal fur on jackets and other accessories does not make it right.  Awareness of the cruelty of the fur industry is prominent in recent years, and changing attitudes seem to reflect a demand for the most eco-friendly and sustainable options that consumers can be proud to support.  Create a demand for clothing and fashion that does not compromise the welfare and lives of millions of innocent animals. 


Why did I start this petition? The use of real fur by brands is unethical and unnecessary in a time of ever-growing awareness of the cruelty of the fur industry.  Popular brands should fulfill obligation to communities and consumers to make more ethically and environmentally conscious choices in regards to materials used on products as many top brands have demonstrated in the past few years.  Using and/or wearing real fur is unacceptable and action must be taken to seize the use of fur on clothing and merchandise in order to protect the welfare of animals, the environment and society at large. Brands should be adjusting to the growing demand from consumers for eco-friendly and ethically sourced products.  

Please sign this petition to unite against the use of animal fur on clothing.