ISS: Stop exploiting cleaners at the MCG!

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ISS: Stop exploiting cleaners at the MCG!

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United Voice Victoria started this petition to Dane Hudson (CEO, ISS Australia)

UPDATE: The Melbourne Cricket Club has forced cleaning giant ISS, to dump its dodgy sub-contractor at the G and directly employ cleaners at Award rates. The move comes after public outrage about MCG cleaners being bullied and ripped off by up to $16 per hour.

But this is not over. We estimate that ISS owes low-paid MCG cleaners more than $500k in back-pay over a four year period. But this is not just about the MCG. ISS is addicted to using dodgy sub-contractors. It is doing the same thing across the city.

We demand ISS swiftly repay the money owed to underpaid MCG cleaners over the last four years. And we call on ISS to agree to our Clean Start reforms so this kind of exploitation doesn't keep happening in our city.


My name is Ana.*

I work as a cleaner at the MCG where ISS, a global company, is contracted to clean the stadium.

I like working at the G. It’s not easy but during a big match the atmosphere’s amazing and I'm good friends with the other cleaners. Without us the place would be a pigsty.

But something is very wrong at the MCG.

ISS is using a dodgy subcontractor called FPC who is ripping cleaners off big time. FPC is shipping students here from overseas and putting them to work for as much as $16 an hour below the minimum wage. Some don’t get super or WorkCover if they’re injured. You can wait over a month to get paid. Some don’t get paid at all.

The FPC cleaners work side by side ISS cleaners but earn hundreds of dollars less. 

A while ago some Indian students who'd only worked here a few days were sent to move some heavy equipment. They didn’t have steel-capped boots and there was an accident. One guy lost his toe.

Many of us fear coming into work.  I've seen quite a few people cry from how they’re spoken to by some managers. I've been in tears myself. We’re threatened with losing our jobs. They bully and intimidate you. There’s no respect. 

The FPC cleaners are too afraid to speak out. I am hiding my real identity because I can’t afford to lose my job. But I can't stand by and let this go on. 

It upsets me to see people treated this way. This is not how things should be in this country, and this is not how a multi-billion dollar company should treat workers.

I’m fed up with ISS and other big cleaning companies hiding behind dodgy middlemen like FPC and pretending it’s not their fault. It’s got to stop.


*name changed 

Confirmed victory

This petition made change with 897 supporters!

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