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Change the name of the Washington "Redskins"

The word “Redskins” is racist. Yet our nation’s capital plays host to an NFL organization that uses the term as its team name — the Washington Redskins. It’s offensive. It’s unnecessary. And it needs to be replaced.

So we created a tool, the Redskins Web Skin, that gives you the ability to replace the term “Redskins” everywhere on the Internet. Instead of seeing the derogatory team name, you’ll see words like “Citizens” or “Americans” in its place. 

It all started after one of us asked, "Are the Redskins playing on Thanksgiving?", and we immediately realized the absurdity of that question — it sounds like something you might say in 1614, not 2014.

By signing this petition, you aren’t just furthering your individual effort in changing the name of the Washington Redskins, you’re encouraging their organization to do so as well. As more and more people sign this petition, emails will be automatically sent to their team's management from the Redskins Web Skin demanding they change the name.

Momentum continues to build for this name effort. Media outlets, special groups, elected officials, and even NFL players want this done. Now it’s your turn to stand up. Please sign our petition to encourage Dan Snyder to follow your lead by replacing his team’s racist name.

Patricia, Brett, Eric, and Jason


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