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Stop social care in barnsley taking children from loving innocent parents

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I am kathryn danforth my 3 children have been in foster care for over a year due to an allegation my son made against my husband who was tried and aqquited found innocent in a criminal hearing for the allegation. As a family we have lost a daughter due to stillbirth, moved house and being a mum of a child with behavioural challenges my husband was physically abused as a child and I was sexually abused as a teen and my oldest sons father beat me to the extent that he attempted to murder me while I lay asleep, since 2004 I have been in treatments around this but not at a level of mental unstability or through mental health services I have worked for over 8 year as a pre school teacher although at a few times my anorexia has made me slower to do house work I always made my childrens needs no 1 priority. The social care only provided actual evidence to confirm the housing issues and all other evidence was hearsay, and the court judge granted I was unsafe to look after my own children due to the abuse I suffered as a child. Barnsley social care are all being removed from their positions in the very near future and yet are still allowed to remove children from their homes for basically no reason, our social worker has not tried to be understanding or professional to working with us and is telling my children things like I dont like them and that shes going to get rid of me which I can't prove as they are allowed to state my children are liars but I on the other hand were condemmed for questioning further the child with behavioural issues the family court in is overlooking the unethical and bad practices of social services while removing children from parents on the advice of a phycologists who sees the family while they are seperated a childrens advocate who firstly states her mind was made up before she had met me and then never attempted to confirm any findings of abuse and states the reason I am not a good parent is because I was a victim 13 year ago. This is happening to families all over the uk and our children are going to grow into damaged adults because of the injustice of the family courts and minimal evidence needed by social care and it needs to stop but one voice alone doesn't help please help me to speak up and prevent this injustice on our children happening to anyone else. Thankyou a heartbroken absolutely distraught mum kathryn danforth

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