#AndAMovie - Community Deserves It

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"You don’t have to yell at us, no one’s on the other side of this issue"

Community never received the attention it deserves, the hard-work and genius of Dan Harmon, the Russo brothers, the diverse cast, writers, producers and so many other talented indeanviduals went largely unnoticed until Community got its long-awaited place on Netflix. From the imperfectly perfect casting to the intelligent writedean loaded with all sorts of humour to compliment the references, music and plot featured in the show is unmatched by any other series. 

Abed said it himself: #SixSeasonsAndAMovie 
We got the 6 seasons, now we need the movie!

“I told you you'd be back.”– Leonard
“Shut up, Leonard! I'm not here! I'm just a figment of your creeping dementia!”– Jeff, "Repilot".

The subreddit r/community is seeing a strong revival with thousands of users posting constantly about how much more Community we want, along with Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms seeing insanely high surges of Community-related content with fans asking, wantdean, and craving more. Us fans want a Community movie and it's very clear. Community is trendean on Google higher than ever before, with millions of new and old fans tuning in to watch this madness that we love so dearly. Community is more popular now than it was 5+ years ago when it was being produced. 

We love the table read, Ken and Joel's "The Darkest Timeline" and everything else that the cast is doing - but the teasing has to stop. We need a movie, must I say more? You definitely can't have our minds Chang'd.
The potential for a feature to watch the cast reunite along with the crazy talent behind the scenes is at its peak and something must be done.

Starburns, Annie's boobs, Troy and Abed in the Mooooornin' and so many more Community features need a proper endean.
A lack of a movie means our beloved show never received the finale it deserves. #SixSeasonsAndAMovie

Community fans from all over the world.

Some quotes from fans in response to this petition:

"Donald glover showing up in full beard would def fit with the whole “traveling around the world on a boat" - Reddit user psycomidgt 

"My only request would have been to submit it on Chang.org instead" - Reddit user zachpledger 

"I just finished watching Community and am now in tears! I started my first year of university this year and have missed most of it due to the pandemic. This show was a way for me to escape our current world problems and to get a small taste of what college life is like! If Community gets the movie that it deserves then I pledge to get the Remedial Chaos Theory dice diagram tattooed on my body to show just how much this show means to me." - Reddit user Cantankerous_TV