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Creating Fall Recruitment for Girls at Elon University

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Transitioning from high school to college can be extremely difficult. With a heavier work load, more independence, and new responsibilities the adjustment can be extremely difficult for many students. Greek life is a huge part of the adjustment into college life and at Elon University freshmen are given the opportunity to join the Panhellenic family in the beginning of our spring semester.

For the women on campus, Elon also has a 2.8 GPA requirement for joining a sorority or fraternity and does not include January term grades into this GPA. I was one of the students at Elon I spoke of priorly who had more trouble than others transitioning into college and was not able to reach this GPA. I took too many classes I could handle and overwhelmed myself with a 20 credit course schedule. When I found out I couldn't rush for a sorority I was absolutely devastated. I tried to appeal and was turned down, even though I experienced health issues as well as anxiety and stress during the first semester. I watched all of my closest friends have the time of their life and meet a whole new group of people - a group that I was not able to be a part of. As the weeks went on and my friends were pledging I found that I was not the only one who was unable to rush, and definitely not the only one who attempted to appeal and was turned down. I was part of a group of students who also felt left out and were ignored even though they had good reasons for their lesser GPAs. This is why I am fighting for Fall rush for Sophomores and Juniors at Elon University. 

My story is not the only reason that I believe we should be given this opportunity...

Elon's male students are given the opportunity to rush for a fraternity in the fall of their Sophomore or Junior year, even though the female students are not given this option.

The male students also have their January term grade included in their accumulative GPA and the female students do not. This extra grade could have bumped many female students up to the 2.8 GPA, including me. This un-included grade gives male students an unfair advantage to raise their grade up to the 2.8 if they were falling behind.

Many students at Elon choose to travel abroad for January term or second semester and will be unable to attend Spring rush as a sophomore. I, being one of these students, will be traveling to New Zealand second semester of my Sophomore year and will be unable to attend Spring rush - much like many of my peers.  

Lastly, the GPA was only recently raised to 2.8 this year. In recent years the required GPA has been 2.75 which is significantly less and would have allowed some of our uninvolved students to rush if they had wanted to. 

I am asking not only the Elon community, but anyone who has ever been left out to please sign this petition and help me and other students at Elon University join Greek life. 

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