Dan Andrews: Provide secure accommodation and free TAFE for medevac refugees

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Dear Premier Daniel Andrews

The good news is that 61 refugees in the Park Hotel and MITA have finally been released into the community after 8 long years of torturous detention on Manus and Narau and then on mainland Australia.

The bad news is that the story of these people is not yet over. The government has released them into the community and provided them with three weeks accommodation, $307 and granted them the right to work .However, these refugees have not been offered secure accommodation beyond three weeks and have not been provided with Jobseekers.

So, their struggle as free people has only just started. How can they survive without money, food, shelter and jobs? These people have been isolated for 8 years . it is not easy for them to get back to a normal life . they still need our support . they have gone through so much traumas .they need some time to recover from what they went through .

Please support refugees who have recently been released into the community to get back on their feed . please provide them free TAFE , Free public transport and secure accommodation .