RareBreed Veterinary Partners, Please Follow Your Core Values & Ban Declawing.

RareBreed Veterinary Partners, Please Follow Your Core Values & Ban Declawing.

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City the Kitty started this petition to CEO & COO & Chief Veterinary Officer Dan Espinel, Sean Miller, and Dr Heather Loenser

We, the undersigned, respectfully ask you, Rarebreed Veterinary Partners, to follow your core values and put the welfare of all animals first and no longer allow declawing in your veterinary practices.

(We reached out to Rarebreed Veterinary Partners in an email on Dec. 9th, 2021 and asked if they have a position on declawing and a few other questions about this issue.  We got a reply on Dec. 13 from one of their employees that said, “I passed your message to HR. I am not sure we can comment right now but I will reach out if we have anything to share! Thanks!”)

Here's our short survey about 10 RareBreed Veterinary Partner practices and declawing. Rarebreed Veterinary Practices and declawing

Rarebreed, if you ban declawing in your practices, you will be protecting the interest, health, and well-being of cats AND your veterinary professionals instead of protecting the interest of the greedy declawing veterinarians at Rarebreed Veterinary Partner practices who perform this barbaric, cruel, and unnecessary amputation procedure as a routine procedure. 

Rarebreed, you say on your website that your mission is to deliver exceptional care to pets, yet some of your practices perform declawing which is far from exceptional care for cats and is below the standard of care in vet med.

  Dan Espinal, their CEO, says that Rarebreed’s values are front and center to everything they do. Rarebreed's values are front and center

 Their COO, Sean Miller says that Rarebreed has 4 core values. Love, Respect, Fun, and Kindness. Rarebreed's 4 core values

Sean also said in a video, “For us, being an unstoppable entrepreneur means not resting until we change this entire industry for the better.” Rarebreed Wants to Change the industry for the better.

UPDATE MAY 2022. This veterinarian, Dr Heather Loesner is no longer with Rarebreed and is now with Suveto.

Also, Rarebreed announced this in Oct. 2021.  "Rarebreed welcomes rockstar veterinary leader, Dr. Heather Loenser, to our team as chief veterinary officer, demonstrating – in a big way! – our commitment to advancing patient and practice team care." 

  Dr Loenser was AAHA.org's Chief Veterinary officer for many years and this is how AAHA.org addressed declawing. AAHA.org and Declawing

Here's a question that Dr Loenser answered on Rarebreed's website. "How will you help Rarebreed practices advance the quality of medical care they provide?" Part of her answer, "There are centers of excellence among the Rarebreed community, quietly and unassumingly excelling in dentistry, surgery, preventative care, early disease detection and so on. Part of my role is to identify these centers of excellence, highlight them, and make sure the rest of the Rarebreed family knows what their brilliant colleagues are doing and how they are doing it. And then, taking that excellence and figuring out how to scale it throughout the Rarebreed family of practices." More about this question in this link. Q & A to their new Chief Veterinary Leader

If the Rarebreed founders and Dr Loenser truly believe in advancing patient care and having excellence in all those areas, then she will be a progressive and ethical Chief Veterinary Officer and will guide Rarebreed Veterinary Partners in the right and humane direction and they will ban declawing, instead of following in AAHA's path that continues to  put profits before the welfare of innocent cats.

Rarebreed Veterinary Partners, if you want to be a leader in the veterinary profession and change this industry for the better, you will take a stand against this animal cruelty (declawing) and follow the path that VCA, Banfield, Mission Veterinary Partners, Fear Free Pets, and the American Assoc. of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) took and will soon ban declawing in your practices. #RightSideOfHistory #knowbetterDoBetter

It's time for you to be strong.

We will celebrate your bravery in leading the way to a better world for cats.

Thank you,

City the Kitty team and supporters

475 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!