Stop the George Zimmerman Celebrity Boxing Match

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Stop the George Zimmerman Celebrity Boxing Match

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Janet Dickerson started this petition to Celebrity Boxing Match Promoter Damon Feldman


UPDATE (2/11/14): As of 6:26pm Pacific Standard Time, it appears that the fight has officially been cancelled. Billionaire Businessman Alki David, who said previously that he was going to continue moving forward with the fight, has now confirmed with TMZ that the plug has permanantly been pulled after the Trayvon Martin Foundation justifiably refused to accept charity proceeds from the event.

It's our hope that, unlike Damon Feldman, Alki stays true to his word. You can be sure we'll be on the lookout just in case.

Once again, many many thanks to all of you who pledged your support to #StopTheFight and helped push the petition out to your friends, families, neighbors and co-workers. Because of your persistance and the ability to effectively organize our collective outrage, we were able to have our voices heard and make a resounding impact.

Special thanks also to, ColorOfChange, and BKNation for supporting our efforts.

With eternal gratitude,

Dedicated to Justice (@PRLady25)


UPDATE (2/10/14): Despite his initial cancellation tweets (which he's since deleted from his account) promoter Damon Feldman has told The Source that he still plans to move forward with the event:

Read more here.

We must continue reaching out to the key contacts at the national and state boxing commissions and urge them to publicly condemn this fight. Their names and information can be found below.


UPDATE (2/8/14 at 2:17 PM PT): Just a little while ago Damon Feldman announced on Twitter that the celebrity boxing match has been cancelled. As just one of the nearly 98,000 people who joined the call, THANK YOU! We should all relish in the fact that we spoke out and made a difference.

Despite his initial announcement that the fight will be called off, we must still keep an eye out, as Feldman seems to have implied that his word is not his bond. Therefore we will continue to be on the lookout and update the petition with more information as it comes down. Stay Tuned.

In the meantime, please use the below contacts and urge them to publicly speak out against this fight.

Special thanks to for supporting the petition and providing a platform for our voices to be heard.


UPDATE (2/8/14): Please use the below information to contact members of respective boxing commissions and urge them to publicly denounce Damon Feldman's Celebrity Boxing Match:



Tim Lueckenoff, President, Email:

Marrissa Escoto
Phone: (850) 488-8500

Commissioner Andy Foster
916 263 2195


UPDATE (2/7/14): Due to the overwhelming response to the petition, we have decided to increase the signature goal amount. We are also working to identify the potential sponsors and endorsers of the event so that we may direct our protests towards them as well. Their contact information will be added to this petition once it's located, so please check back here for more updates.



It's a scary time we live in when a child murderer and domestic abuser is granted celebrity status and the opportunity to make money off the blood and tears of his victims. Sadly that's exactly what we're seeing, as news broke that George Zimmerman has been chosen to fight in a televised Celebrity Boxing Match slated for March 1, according to reports.

While the allure of such a spectacle may be strong for many, we must all be mindful of the fact that each person who tunes in would be contributing to the ratings that will help line Zimmerman's pockets. After the hysteria has died down he'll be richer (as will whoever fights him) and we'll be his investors, not to mention perpetuators of his false celebrity status.

We must not stand for this. We must not watch idly as Zimmerman is allowed to make a mockery of not just his victims and their families but society as a whole. This is not entertainment, but rather a shameful spectacle indicative of just how low we risk sinking as a culture if we allow ourselves to tolerate and worse, participate in, such an atrocious display of callous inhumanity.

Please sign and share this petition urging boxing promoter Damon Feldman (Twitter name @Hollywoodbox11; email to withdraw his invitation to George Zimmerman for the Celebrity Boxing Match.

We are also working to identify who the potential event sponsors are so that we may directly persuade them to not support the event. Please continue to check back in here for updates on that front.

In the meantime, we encourage you to use the hashtag #StopTheFight when pushing out through Twitter so that others may join the call to action.

Together we can ensure depraved people like Zimmerman don't profit off the pain and tragedy of others.


Janet a.k.a. Dedicated To Justice (@PRLady25) (NOTE: This is the petition organizer's email, not Boxing Promoter Damon Feldman's, which is

Confirmed victory

This petition made change with 106,070 supporters!

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