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Stop killing animals and calling it art.

Damien Hirst has killed thousands of animals in the name of art. Butterflies, cows, sharks, and pigs do not deserve to be killed to make an interesting art exhibit, especially when those that die of natural causes could be used in their place.

As far as butterfly exhibits go, places like Frederick Meijer Gardens get it right by keeping the insects in a suitable environment and enforcing strict guidelines to ensure their safety. But as the RSPCA said, “In this so-called ‘art exhibition’, butterflies are forced to exist in the artificial environment of a closed room for their entire lives … There would be national outcry if the exhibition involved any other animal, such as a dog. Just because it is butterflies, that does not mean they do not deserve to be treated with kindness.”

Hirst paid commercial fishermen to kill the sharks he used.

It does not matter how the animals in Hirst's art died - what matters is that living animals are not killed to become pieces on display. Join me in telling Hirst that if he MUST use animals as art, make sure they died of natural causes first. Give art and humanity a better name.

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