Help stop schools dictating ridiculous expensive uniform criteria @killing individuality !

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This might not be the most important cause there is. However when are parents going to stand up against schools  and their dictation over uniforms. Today I received a text from my daughters school that read 

Message from the Winstanley school. As the warmer weather approaches, please remind students that they must still be in full school uniform. Any students chosing to wear a skirt, must ensure that it is a regulation school skirt. Staff will allow students to take blazers off in lessons when it is warm. Many thanks

Excuse me if I'm wrong but with temperatures close to thirty they are allowing the young people to take off their blazers ? This is authority gone too far. Children should not be a production line. I don't know how other parents feel about uniform but I agree you should have a school dress code but to actually say it has to be a regulated skirt that's only produced by a company that charges extortionate prices is a discrace. I've previously worked in a school for five years and know the pressures facing young people to achieve high grades. School should be a time of empowering young people to find their own talents and explore what they enjoy and who they want to become instead it's an outdated curriculum that promotes a system of one size fits all. 

unless we all stand together then this will continue. The failings of previous authorities led to the government introducing an increase in authority, dictation over young people when they are in school. They granted themselves rights over young people when in their care during school hours. 

Ive spoke to a lot of young people and they agree that schools are a stressful environment where they have no rights and no voice. 

The decision to inforce school uniform was one that was out of our hands but when schools are sending home students if they don't wear exactly as directed. When is it going to stop by taking away freedom of choice they are taking away identity and creativity. 


So to clarify this petition is to get support for a overhaul of the way schools are inforceing strict uniform policies to the point that it is now just an opportunity to firstly feel power through authority but secondly work in partnership with companies that make huge profits on regulated uniform. 

Please make a stand and let's get our young people a voice. 

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