Drop the Ontario Pit Bull Ban

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The American Pit Bull Terrier was the most popular family dog at the beginning of the 20th century. In fact, they were once called the "nanny dog", because of their extreme loyalty and how wonderful they are with people, especially children. What happened? People happened. Because of their loyalty and strength, they were used for the wrong reasons, for dog fighting, and given a bad rap. Because of the media's and public's misunderstood view on these amazing dogs, the wrong people own them, ruining it for responsible Pit Bull owners and lovers.
Stop listening to the media! In fact, it is estimated that for every ONE pit bull that attacks someone, over 5 million DON'T! As most dog behaviorists and trainers will tell you, a dog is almost 100% a product of it's owner and the training it receives, and NOTHING to do with the breed.
Research shows that in North America, pit bulls aren't even in the top 5 most likely breeds to attack, behind shepherds, collies, and even golden retrievers! There is no scientific evidence that shows genetics are a key to aggression or "unpredictability". That is a myth started by the media, who is trying to make people frightened of these dogs for no reason. Also, their jaws DO NOT lock, that is a ridiculous myth as well.
Pit bulls are naturally loyal, caring towards people and children, and wonderful family dogs, as any veterinarian or pit bull owner would tell you. It is the responsibility of the OWNER of a dog's actions. BSL is NOT the solution, all that does is victimize the responsible dog owner, but doesn't fix the actual problem; people who get dogs for the wrong reasons and train them the wrong way. WE are the dogs' voices! It was once the doberman, then the rottweiler, now it's the pit bull.. when is it going to end?? Please fight to drop this crazy pit bull ban! All dogs are man's best friend.

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