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Fire Mike Miles

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Mike Miles behavior has brought embarrassment after embarrassment to the city of Dallas.  Students, parents, and teachers deserve to be in a school district they can be proud of.  Right now, it is shameful to be a part of DISD, in large part because of Mike Miles.

As much as we hate STAAR tests, Mike Miles wants us to take 4 more weeks of tests each year so they know how much to pay teachers.  All of these extra tests are a waste of time for students.

Why are experimental methods used on underprivileged students?  Why are these experiments not being done in other school districts in the Dallas area?

The latest human resources scandal should be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.  Professional people who make more than $100,000 per year should not be using time on their jobs to cyber-bully.  The fact that these people were not suspended or fired right away gives good reason to fire Miles.

The School Board of Trustees and the superintendent should be working together to make Dallas schools the best they can be.  Mike Miles obviously does not respect or obey his bosses.

Mike Miles is a good public speaker.  But, he has fake charm.  He is very corrupt and manipulative in his ways.  We do not trust anything he has to say.

Almost 5000 teachers have left DISD since Miles arrived.  Schools that were once thriving are now infested with problems.  The best magnet schools now have very substandard permanent substitute teachers because great teachers cannot properly teach under Miles incompetent leadership.

If Miles stays, many more good teachers will leave.  There will be far fewer good teachers who will want to teach in Dallas.  Scandal after scandal will continue if he stays.  Someone said in the meeting that March, April, May is the best time to hire good teachers.  More good teachers will apply to Dallas if you fire Mike Miles ASAP.

Many students are living in poverty and just learning English.  Quick fix experiments are making things worse.  Extra tests waste time teachers can be teaching.

Going forward, we need a leader who will effectively and proactively manage the school district so that scandal after scandal does not occur.  In athletics, we call this prehabilitation, taking precautions against injury. Without taking preventative measures, injuries are more likely to occur, which result in need for rehabilitation.  School leadership should think the same way, prehab, not constant rehab.

Dallas ISD Board of Trustees, please do not allow Mike Miles to continue to ruin our school district.  The new superintendent does not have to be charming and charismatic.  Just hire someone who we can trust.  Hire someone who will make us begin to feel proud of the schools we go to and proud of being in DISD.


(please note: a parent did assist with written content of this petition) 


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