Ask Dallas DA to Harshly Prosecute Jarod Broussard for Violent Assault in Deep Ellum

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Our Request: We respectfully ask that Dallas District Attorney Faith Johnson and the Dallas DA's office ensure that the harshest possible charges and prosecution be applied toward Jarod Broussard for the violent aggressive assault of his victim.

Background: On April 19, 2018 at approximately 1:15 a.m., a woman in her 20's was violently attacked by her boyfriend, Jarod Broussard in the 2700 block of Canton in the Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas, Texas.  A witness posted this video showing the horrific attack from his loft across the street; the victim's screams are haunting.  A second, and more visually detailed video, can be seen from the security cameras in front of the building where the assault happened and can be seen in this video.

Current Situation:  Through fast and efficient work by the Dallas Police Department, Jarod Broussard, 36, was arrested in less than 18-hours from when the assault.  Further, Broussard is currently being held on no bond as he has been deemed a threat to society as a result of several factors including: graphic video showing this assault, extensive photos showing him with firearms, and a disturbingly long track record of previous assaults.

Update 1:  Broussard is currently out on a bond, he must remain drug and alcohol-free, must have no contact with the victim, and must wear an ankle monitor.  

Update 2:  The Dallas Grand Jury has indicted Broussard on 2 counts.

Conclusion: It is the previous assaults that has the local community most concerned due to the victims in those cases being too afraid to move forward as the cases were investigated. To date, Broussard appears to have dodged any serious ramifications as a result of his apparently violent nature; that needs to stop with this case.

Therefore, we are requesting that the Dallas District Attorney's office do their utmost in ensuring the harshest possible prosecution against Jarod Broussard take place as he is a detriment to society and needs to be incarcerated for the longest possible sentence.


Deep Ellum Community Watch & Concerned Local Citizens