Save Dallas Dog "COOKIE" from Euthanasia

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Cookie was deemed dangerous because she was loose and a neighbor felt threatened. Her label was not appealed and nothing can be done about her being legally labelled dangerous despite lack of bite history.

Unfortunately, Cookie was found loose again by Dallas Animal Services. Judge Acuna ruled that she be euthanized because not being restrained is a violation of the requirements for owners of dangerous dogs. Her owner was given until Oct 28 to appeal.

Knowing that Cookie's best chance at life was to surrender her dog to a rescue, Cookie's owner has signed transfer papers effective upon agreement by the City of Dallas. The rescue can promise a home where Cookie doesn't get loose, where her legal label is known, and where she is kept in compliance with all applicable laws.

We respectfully request that you instruct city lawyers to negotiate a settlement to save Cookie from euthanasia for technical legal reasons given that she has never actually bitten anyone.


More information:

- News article "Complaints Dallas Aggressive Dog Enforcement is Too Aggressive" (Chloe, another non-bite dog, euthanized without due process.)

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