Free SMOKEY, the Dallas Dog that Defended Himself

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Smokey, a Dallas dog, bit the man that kicked him.

The alleged victim does not want to press charges and didn't show up for Smokey's appeal trial. The City decided to still try to move the case forward. As of March 9, a new trial date has not been set, and Smokey remains in a solitary kennel without human or canine interaction. He has been there since January 15.

Smokey is a sweet, beloved family dog. He must be so confused about why he is not home with his pack. His owner is devastated at the idea of losing the dog her child has grown up with. But in the interest of getting Smokey safely out of the shelter ASAP, she has offered to settle the case with the city by finding him a new owner outside of city limits. (Just Save The Dog helped Smokey's owner find a new owner she is comfortable with.)

It's time to let Smokey go home; whether to his current, or new, owner.