Justice for Botham Shem Jean

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We, the Dallas area Church of Christ leaders, our congregations and others stand in unity, solidarity, and support of the Jean family and all persons and organizations who are lawfully seeking justice for Botham Shem Jean. We are here to honor Botham Jean’s memory by ensuring justice for his family and the community.

We are both outraged and saddened by the tragic loss of a great young man. We knew Botham to be a model citizen, who was not ashamed to proudly display Christian character. He was a high achiever who inspired many with his spirituality, personal convictions and commitment to honest and hard work. Bo had the gifts and ambition to make a lasting impact within our community and this world. Sadly, we know that nothing can be done to bring Bo back. However, we call on those in positions of power to do what it takes to bring justice for Bo, his family, and his community.

We, the Dallas area Church of Christ leaders, along with supporters from across this nation, have witnessed what can be interpreted as an ever-changing narrative. We will not stand by quietly, as any actions, intentional or otherwise, diminish the culpability of the offending officer. The undeniable reality is that Bo was slain in his home, where he had the right to be, and was abiding by the law. We are here for and demand justice for our brother Bo.

The family is demanding - We are demanding – Our community is demanding that all offices and agencies responsible for administering justice for Bo do the right thing! Explore every avenue; exhaust every resource to accomplish this goal. While we are aware of statement issues by the Dallas County DA’s office...we continue to demand that every witness be interviewed, and that their full statements be appropriately shared.

We demand that every record, every phone log, every camera, every video and piece of audio be checked. We demand that every procedure be followed to the letter of the law. We demand that every piece of evidence be thoroughly examined. We also demand that every person involved in this case act with utmost integrity. We demand fairness, transparency and expediency and will not hesitate to utilize the citizens review board to this end.

To the District Attorney’s office, Dallas Police Department and other investigating agencies charged with finding justice for Botham,

While, we further demand:
1)Amber Guyer’s immediate termination from the Dallas Police Department.

2)The immediate revocation of her TCOLE license for criminal misconduct.

3)The existing Dallas Police Department’s Citizen Review Board be given full subpoena power. 


Brother Sammie Berry, Minister of Dallas West Church of Christ (Home Congregation of Botham Shem Jean)