Remove Judge Eric V Moye from 14th District Court

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A city may be able to remove a municipal judge in the same manner as any other appointed municipal officer,
particularly if the ordinance creating the position of municipal judge clearly defines it as an
“office.” See TEX. LOC. GOV’T CODE § 22.071.

For a Type A general law city, the city’s
governing body may remove a municipal officer after due notice and an opportunity to be heard, but only for “incompetency, corruption, misconduct, or malfeasance in office.”

Judge Moye' has a history of violence as noted in an assault in 2009 of a Dallas Court Judge. Judge Moye' has most recently sentenced a Dallas Salon Owner, Shelly Luther, for failing to apologize to him for disobeying an unlawful, unconstitutional order. It should be recognized that Judge Eric V Moye' has an obvious personal disdain for politically conservative people as evidence on his Facebook page, thus allowing for his personal convictions to interfere with the objective overview one should have as a Judge in the 14th District of Dallas Civil Court. We the People as for the removal of this incompetent individual, and ask that an immediate investigation take place into all convictions made since in office.