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Establish Designated Motorcycle Parking Zones in Dallas

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To: The Mayor and City Council of the City of Dallas, TX

We, the undersigned, as citizens, residents, employees, consumers, and visitors of the City of Dallas, request the creation of safe and fairly priced motorcycle and motor scooter parking at all parking lots and parking facilities within the City of Dallas, including but not limited to, privately owned and managed public parking facilities, and all municipally owned parking lots located within the City of Dallas.

The popularity of motorcycles as a daily form of transportation is skyrocketing with women riders being the fastest growing segment over the past 10 years according to a recent study by the Motorcycle Industry Council. With the substantial increase in traffic congestion and greater awareness of environmental impact, many drivers are leaving their cars and SUV’s at home in favor of a motorcycle as a primary mode of transportation. Texas is the second largest motorcycle owning state in the U.S. - and Dallas being the sixth largest motorcycle owning urban market – and the time has come for Dallas to join the ranks of cities like San Francisco, Philadelphia, Seattle, Boston, Vancouver, and Brisbane that have established designated motorcycle parking zones.

Using motorcycles for transportation help to reduce:

  • Pollution
  • Traffic congestion
  • Parking congestion
  • Roadway wear and tear

All these factors result in lower costs to the City of Dallas for roadway repair and maintenance, reduces the need for new roadways, and reduces the need for large parking lots and parking structures – land which could instead be used for more shops and restaurants, parks and green space, or child recreation areas.

However, there is currently a serious lack of safe and affordable off-street parking for motorcycles within the City of Dallas.

  • The average motorcycle weighs 400 pounds which makes them easy targets for theft. Example: Two strong individuals can lift a motorcycle into a van or onto a trailer and sprint away with it.
  • The issue of theft is a major reason why riders tend to park on sidewalks in urban areas so that the motorcycles are in a high-visibility location.
  • Riders are frequently harassed by motorists when they park one single motorcycle in a parallel parking space; motorists tend to think they have more right to a full-size space than a motorcycle but, without designated motorcycle parking zones, the riders have limited options.
  • From a financial perspective, riders will be charged the same rate to park their motorcycles as a motorist is charged for an SUV even though the riders prefer to park their bike in the space to share it with another bike.
  • Other urban areas are charging the motorcyclists a more financially fair rate; Example: San Francisco charges one-fifth the rate for motorcycles to park as for full-size vehicles. This is a sensible solution as five motorcycles can fit in the space of just one vehicle.

For the reasons and examples listed, we the undersigned request the creation of designated motorcycle parking zones in all parking lots, whether privately or municipally owned.

We further request that the City of Dallas create free or fairly priced on-street motorcycle parking, utilizing locations that are currently designated as no parking zones simply because there is no room for a full automobile parking space, or in-between currently marked metered spaces. Additionally, we request one designated parallel parking space per every 500 feet within the Central Business District and Deep Ellum to be re-assigned for motorcycle-only parking.

By re-assigning these areas, the City can greatly increase the number of parking spaces as five motorcycles can fit in the space designated for just one single car or SUV.  More parking means more people patronizing area shops and businesses and bringing more consumers and businesses into our high-density urban areas.

In addition, we request that all parking lots and facilities with designated motorcycle parking spaces locate them in areas which are in close proximity to high-traffic pedestrian zones and/or easily visible to parking attendants or security personnel. 

We, the undersigned, petition the City of Dallas with this request for the designation and allowance of fairly-priced motorcycle parking zones.


The Undersigned


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