Tuition Reduction for Students at Dalhousie University

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*This message is directed towards Dalhousie’s Administration, and the entire Dalhousie community*

As many already know Dalhousie University has moved all in-person classes to an online format due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, just as all other Canadian universities have. Recently, a statement regarding the summer tuition prices was distributed to all students over email. This statement concluded that all tuition prices would remain the same as if students were able to attend classes normally. The reasoning behind this decision was extremely limited, stating that: “Given the uncertainty caused by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the university delayed moving these fee changes forward”. The statement also included that facility renewal fees would still be in place, although most students do not have access to these facilities.

Along with the tuition remaining the same, it has come to my attention that many students in specific courses are also being charged “distance education” fees, while being provided no information in regards to what these fees are covering on top of tuition. After speaking to many students about this issue, I have also found out that many students are being charged more or less tuition than others who are registered in the exact same courses.

I am creating this petition to bring Dalhousie University’s attention to this issue, as I have yet to receive any response on my multiple attempts to contact them about it. This is a time of uncertainty, fear, and economic insecurity for the majority of the population, and Dalhousie is not considering the financial hardships experienced by their students. Keeping tuition the same, while providing a lower level of education and limited access to institutional services during a global pandemic is an exploitation of students, and should be reconsidered by Dalhousie’s executives and their financial department.