Noble Foods: Stop Farming Hens in Cages!

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As a family, we care about animals, so I want to ensure the food my children and I eat doesn’t support intensive factory farming systems.

Hens forced to live their whole lives in a cage will be crammed in a space around the size of an A4 sheet of paper per bird and will never get to experience the sun on their backs, or scratch around in the grass. Since I found out about cage farming of hens, I’ve always bought free range eggs.  

In fact, I saw the TV adverts for ‘Happy Egg Co’ showing chickens running around outside so that was the brand I chose.

However, I’ve recently found out that Happy Egg’s parent company also profits from keeping over 4 million hens in cruel cages to sell under other brands.  I’m horrified to think that my money may have been indirectly supporting the caging of hens; it’s exactly what I was trying to avoid!

All of the big supermarkets in the UK, and loads of restaurants, have pledged to end the sale and use of eggs from caged hens but the UK’s biggest egg producer - Happy Egg owner Noble Foods -  hasn’t followed suit.  That’s why I’m petitioning Noble Foods to end this madness and put a stop the cruel practice of keeping hens in cages. Please join me and sign my petition - a life in a cage is no life at all!


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