Free the Helpless & Abused at Fur-Ever Wild Fur Farm

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Fur-Ever Wild is a slaughterhouse covering as a “farm” and “petting zoo.” Terri Petter, animal exploitationist and exhibitionist, has used her almost 60-acre plot of land in Eureka Township, Minnesota (Dakota County) to profit off of the animals she does nothing to improve the lives of. Petter is a self-admitted pelter, and sport hunter, operating under the guise that she encourages “ethical sportsmanship.” This fur farm breeds cougars, bobcats, foxes, and ENDANGERED wolves, only to subject them to a life of misery providing entertainment for those who PAY Petter to visit them, and then eventually use them for their pelts to profit off of. Petter can’t even properly feed the animals that are in her custody, feeding her ENDANGERED wolves hot dogs. Please help in letting Dakota County officials know that Petter is an animal abuser, and that the Fur-Ever Wild (Fur) Farm needs to be shut down, and the animals in Terri PeLter’s custody need to be taken to a proper sanctuary. Once signed please consider sharing to your social media profiles to get the word out, thank you for your time.