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Apologise to all the beautiful ladies at the Grand National

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The Grand National is an annual event that brings about a spark of excitement to not only the 'lucky' racegoers, but also to all the individuals who put their bets on and those who await the fascinating Fashion news. I say 'lucky', but this has been quite the contrary for some ladies who attended this year and have been victimised by the Daily Mail.  Women spend what seems like years planning their outfits, months putting it together and hours getting ready. But all this is definitely not to be so brutally disrespected by the author of this ridiculous article. Why would any decent human being find it acceptable to not only take such photographs, but caption them with comments such as, "a woman suffered an embarrassing moment when a gust of wind blew up her skirt, revealing her underwear". We read the news about the Grand National for positive updates on the celebrations, not to see how a woman is suffering from a "wardrobe malfunction", especially in such an awful manner. It is hearbreaking to realise that a national newspaper is so widely making bulling and body shaming tolerable and allowed. You are sexist and you're downgrading women, as you didn't post any comments on the outfits of males that also attended, and you are refuse to take any responsibility of this. You have mocked the ladies of Liverpool for years, addressing their outfits, which in my opinion look flattering, and your comments about the, "efforts to smarten up seem to have mixed results" are unbelievable and unnecessary. Who are you to judge and comment? As a nation we should be proud of the Grand National, instead of so negatively targeting others. We should empower women, not bring them down! Other devaluing comments included: -“[…] others couldn’t resist flashing their flesh in a variety of barely there outfits, including one with a backless jumpsuit”. Oh God forbid she is showing a bit of her BACK. It is 2016, Daily Mail, no need for the slut shaming. I would like to see you post the written consent, that the women in question have signed, to give you their permission to exhibit these images in an article for the whole of the UK to see. The images are personal, and I find it difficult to comprehend how you are condoning such. Your attempt of uniting us in bullying has not worked, Daily Mail. And we will not stand with you. It is also important to highlight that this has not been the first time you have done this. "Race-goers sport some VERY short skirts on a gloomy day at Cheltenham" is also an interesting read. (fyi, if I want to wear a short skirt, I well bloody will). We request an official apology and an explanation from the ‘journalist’ as to why she thinks these comments were appropriate.  

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