Hong Kong AFCD to Stop Cruel Leg-Hold Trap on Stray Dogs & Animals

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This petition is to appeal to the Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR and to the Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department of Hong Kong (hereafter as AFCD) about the cruel and inhumane practice Hong Kong AFCD allows and adopts to capture defenseless stray dogs and animals. 

According to what was reported and shared by eyewitnesses, a very despicable and unimaginable animal cruelty incident never imagined could have happened in Hong Kong did happen. This horrifying incident on February 17, 2019 around 3pm in the Lion Rock Park was captured and exposed on social media that went viral capturing the attention of tens of thousands with disbelief and distrust of the department action.  Hong Kong AFCD staff – the very same government department established to safeguard the well-being and the welfare of animals – was seen by eyewitnesses using canned food as bait to lure and capture a white hair stray dog by deploying brutal claw clamp on this non-threatening stray dog to have caused her unnecessary pain, physical and mental suffering, and possibly long-term damage to her limp permanently disabling the dog. This was an unnecessarily cruel, bloody and an unforgivable incident that had received wide attention and outpouring criticisms by the general public Including many animal lovers. 

As a result, this petition is to bring attention from the public to demand the Hong Kong government to take strict action and severe punishment against the use of cruel and inhumane animal traps by anyone including any government entities as well as to enforce animal protection law as stipulated in the Cap. 169 Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Ordinance* or as stipulated in any other related ordinances concerning animal welfare and protection.

Although the use of claw clamp trap in Hong Kong may be a controversial issue falling into grey area where the law does not particularly deem the use of this cruel and inhumane trap illegal as AFCD may defend, it is undeniably obvious this cruel action is in contradiction of Cap. 169 Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Ordinance sections 1(a), 1(c), 1(d) and 2, particularly of sections 1(a), 1(d) and 2 which clearly state that “any person who 1(a) cruelly beats, kicks…ill-treats or terrifies any animal; or 1(d) loads any animal…in such a way or with such appliances as to subject such animal to needless or avoidable suffering; or 2 For the purposes of this section, an owner shall be deemed to have permitted cruelty if he shall have failed to exercise reasonable care and supervision in respect of the protection of the animal therefrom” is deemed in violation of this Cap. 169 Ordinance and "shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine of HK$200,000 and to imprisonment for 3 years."

Aside from legal perspective and legal consideration, we are appalled, horrified and shocked to have learned and watched this kind of cruel and unspeakable act endorsed and permitted by the Hong Kong government who always claims to take a strong humane stance for the well-being of animals.  Dogs are not just animals, they are considered human most loyal friends, and they are being deployed for human services in many ways from being guide dog to bomb-sniffing dog by private sector as well as by many government units.  They devote 110% to serve us humans loyally, faithfully and unconditionally and to help save countless of human lives without asking for any favorable return.  Most developed nations would treat these loyal dogs with respect and dignity as part of the force.  Any conscience mind with a good heart would not even consider at all using such harmful and horrifying method of capturing any non-aggressive and non-hostile stray dogs in such a cruel way that could cause them permanent harm and suffering as in this incident of February 17, 2019 by AFCD.

This may seem like only one incident but perhaps many more similar incidents of this kind that had gone under the radar screen without ever being exposed.  Animals and dogs rely on humans to speak for them and to certain extent to protect them.  We will not stop until cruelty, deliberate abuse and ill-treatment of dogs and animals are stopped and safeguarded.  It’s time to stop this kind of cruel application of horrible leg-hold traps on defenseless dogs and animals once and for all.

We want the Hong Kong government and the Chief Executive of HKSAR to strictly and seriously enforce the animal protection law and to take action with severe punishment against the wrong-doers in this incident (and in all animal abuse and cruelty cases) and to forever stop and ban the use of such horrifying, brutal and barbaric leg-hold claw traps and any other cruel traps on animals that would cause them unnecessary pain with permanent damage and harm to them so Hong Kong would truly become an animal friendly city of the world.

This is not just about animals, or not even just about dogs, but it’s all about humanity.  Anyone with a kind heart for the well-being of lives and a sense of righteousness for animal welfare would all be heart-broken, upset and shocked just watching this gruesome capture on video.  Your support can make the difference in helping the welfare of our most loyal furry friends and other animals.  Please voice out your support in safeguarding the dogs, cats and other animals by signing this petition addressed to the Chief Secretary of HKSAR and the Director of AFCD.


Video of this gruesome capture of this helpless dog (take note somehow this link may not play the correct video when the link below is clicked through an embedded web linked from within Facebook mobile, but plays correctly when accessed directly from PC or mobile web.  You can copy & paste this link directly to a web browser to play correctly): https://www.facebook.com/130429893638715/posts/2467423736605974?sfns=1

News reports of this incident (in Chinese):



Other reports of similar sickening and horrifying methods in the past reportedly applied by AFCD of capturing defenseless dogs in a cruel way (in Chinese)



* https://www.elegislation.gov.hk/hk/cap169

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