Daedalic Entertainment, Revive The Devil's Men!

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The Devil’s Men is/was a 2D Point and Click adventure game announced in 2014 by Daedalic Entertainment.   It was quietly canceled in the spring of 2018, after years of development.  

It's unclear how much of the game was completed at the time, but there was an art book published, numerous images released, a public campaign to allow fans to add their story to game, and numerous press articles and features.  

It seems the game was canceled because Daedalic did not see the traditional 2D Point & Click genre as profitable enough - lets encourage them to reconsider! 

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Not All Men: Daedalic’s Steampunk Adventure

The Devil's Men is Daedalic's occult Victorian England multi-solution adventure game
Daedalic bringing life to The Devil’s Men