Help stop Adventure playground cuts in Hemel Hempstead

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Dacorum Borough Council have put in proposals to cut Adventure Playground Services in Hemel Hempstead.

The first proposal, is to shut the playgrounds for 3 months a year during the winter months and Saturdays all year round. This will have a detrimental effect on all children who use the playgrounds, especially those who are from deprived communities who rely on regular use of these facilities and will limit already reduced play opportunities. 

Children use the playing to socialise, make new friends, learn new skills, to get away from school pressures and any other difficulties they may be facing.

They use the playgrounds as a 2nd home and it’s a place they know they can disclose information knowing they will be listened to and protected by qualified play workers and manager. If they don’t have such assets in their lives they will turn to the streets, lose the rapport they have built with staff, have no support and ASB may increase.

The playgrounds may be quieter over winter months but 100’s of children will still pass through the gates, which means 100’s of children gaining access to a safe and stimulating environment in which they can play and develop.

Next proposal is to cut all deputy managers and only have 2 site managers, leaving all 4 playgrounds under the supervision of just 2 managers and assistants, which will no doubt lead to the quality of service provided reducing, as there is no one senior to concentrate on 1 playground as they have to divide their time between 2 sites, and even more so if another manager is off.

This could lead to issues escalating, safeguarding concerns, no senior point of contact for parents, no one to lead staff and would cause chaos through the summer months.

The last proposal is to up age range of those who can come to the site unaccompanied. The new age range will now be 8-16 excluding 6-7 year olds unless accompanied by an adult. The age of the playgrounds has always been 6-13 and gives kids the chance to learn the 1st steps of independence, the chance to develop imagination and social skills, which leads to friendships. It offers parents a place to leave their children in a safe stimulating environment whilst they go to work so that they can be independent and support their kids without being on benefits.


 The adventure playgrounds are a huge part of my life, my mum worked and managed playgrounds for around 40 years (Jean Robinson)

i have seen how important these services are for children over the years and have even worked at the playgrounds.

Now I was hoping my children could start using them more.


please sign the petition to help the children of Hemel Hempstead get the services they need and deserve!