Water Bottle Filling Stations in Dublin Airport

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We are all trying to stop single use plastic. Increasingly we are trying to carry water bottles with us in order not to buy plastic bottles of water. The place where this can be  tricky is in Airports. While some International Airports have really good refilling stations that have filtered water and have a dial above outlining how many plastic bottles have been saved by its use.    I have emailed Dublin Airport  several times asking them about proper water stations to which they replied with a map of their water stations . I found out that the ones they have are beside the toilets and are more for drinking directly than filling up a bottle and the water tastes horrible. 

Dublin airport is a very busy airport. I believe it is their corporate environmental responsibility to provide well marked water stations with filtered water to cut down use of single use plastics. 31. 5 million people passengers passed through Dublin Airport in 2018  - If the Dublin Airport Authority encouraged people to refill their water bottles - imagine the thousands if not millions of single use plastic water bottles that would be saved from landfill / plastic heaps . Its worth a reminder that it is estimated that these will take over 500 years to decompose - all of the plastic ever made is still here on this planet increasingly polluting it. IT HAS TO STOP !! 

Please support this petition to ask DAA to provide proper water stations to Dublin Airport and Cork Airport .  By signing this petition - I am hoping that when any passenger goes the airport past security  they will easily find a  proper water stations that can easily fill their water bottle.

Thats it - a really simple idea that helps the environment...