Don't let these horses die! Animal Control must stop her before it's too late!

Don't let these horses die! Animal Control must stop her before it's too late!

March 3, 2020
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Started by Robin Jones

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Michelle Knuttila was the founder of Hicaliber Horse Rescue in Valley Center, California. The rescue was a highly controversial operation rife with allegations of fraud, misappropriation of funds, the illegal practice of Veterinary Medicine, and animal cruelty which included unnecessary deaths and senseless killings. When evicted from the property she destroyed in Valley Center, Michelle took horses that she considered the most desirable, most of which she claimed to have adopted for $1 each. The horses, 1 donkey, 2 steer and a boar were eventually moved to a rental property in Pauma Valley.  These animals have been denied adequate feed, water and basic care, all in violation of California Penal Code 597. Recently, photographs were released which reveal that horses that were at ideal body weights when "adopted" from the rescue by Michelle Knuttila are now emaciated.  We have also confirmed that there are sick horses on the property that are not receiving veterinary care. This situation has been reported over and over again. Department of Animal Services has failed to take action in spite of a recent investigation finding very little water and no visible feed available. The officer incorrectly assigned Body Condition Scores of 3 out of 9 to horses that according to the Hennecke Body Condition Scoring System are more accurately 1.5 - 2 and therefore required intervention.

Ms. Knuttila is not employed and has lost the ability to fundraise so has no means to appropriately care for the animals in her possession. The horses, and other animals, are in danger.  Several Horse Rescues and many dozens of people have stepped forward and offered to take the animals.  Michelle Knuttila has refused to let them go.

We the undersigned demand that the Department of Animal Services take immediate action and take all necessary steps to prevent further suffering and potential deaths. In addition we demand that the Animal Cruelty Prosecution Unit D.A. Task Force review the case to ensure that all possible remedies are employed to end the neglect of the horses in Michelle Knuttila’s possession.

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Support now
Signatures: 3,789Next Goal: 5,000
Support now

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