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DA Office & Dept of Children and Families/C.P.S. in Orange County, CA: Remove Lexi Dillon from Abusive Home CPS Placed Her In

Every child should be safe in their home, but that's not the case here. A precious innocent little girl by the name of Lexi is begging for help to get away from her father who is allegedly abusing her. Orange County, CA Child Protective Services, (C.P.S. also known as D.C.F.), has failed tremendously to protect her from the physical, emotional and sexual abuse she is enduring.
Lexi was taken to the E.R. because she was bleeding and had a suspicious injury. The E.R. Doctor found significant evidence that it was sexual abuse that caused the injuries. Lexi was left in her father's custody, as C.P.S. did not do a thorough investigation, if any at all. Months later Lexi says she can't take it anymore and reports the abuse to a court appointed therapist and the police become involved. Lexi is again returned to her father, who C.P.S. helped get custody of her. August 2012, Lexi reports her father is still abusing her and she continues to beg for help. The police interview her and find her to be so credible that they place her in protective custody. C.P.S. overrides law enforcement and gives Lexi back to her father. November 2012, a reporter reports child abuse and Lexi is again placed in protective custody. Against the wishes and recommendations of the police, C.P.S. again place Lexi back with her father. An innocent child has lost her innocence and the people that are supposed to protect her are putting her in the home with her alleged abuser!
We as Americans need to stand up and protect our children who can't protect themselves! PLEASE sign this petition, so this child can be removed from the abusive home she is in. She deserves to be safe and in a loving home with her Mother, Ruby Dillon.

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