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DA McCann & AG Coffman: Don’t put an innocent man back on trial. Let Moses-EL move on

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UPDATE: We want to thank the 12,000 people who signed our petition demanding that the AG and Denver DA allow Clarence Moses-EL the $1.9 million he is owed for serving 28 years in prison as an innocent man. We learned earlier today that Beth McCann, Denver DA had decided to remain neutral and not file an opinion against Clarence and for that we are glad that she made the right decision and thankful to the many people who reached out to her to express their opinion. However, we also learned that Cynthia Coffman has filed her decision and has denied Clarence his compensation. This is yet another injustice to this man who has suffered so much already, the decision indicates that Coffman will not make sound and just decisions in her role as Attorney General. It's disturbing to think that decisions like this could continue on a larger scale if she wins the Governor's race this November... We hope the people of Colorado will hold her accountable and we will press on.


We, the undersigned, are calling on DA Beth McCann and AG Cynthia Coffman to let Clarence Moses-El claim his $1.9M compensation for 28 years of wrongful imprisonment and move on with his life - NOW!

In 2016, a judge overturned the convictions of Clarence Moses-EL, a black man who spent 28 years in jail for a rape he didn’t commit, and a jury found him not guilty of the crime in a retrial. A key factor in the retrial was the confession of another man with several rape convictions, who admitted under oath multiple times to having been the perpetrator of the act Moses-EL was convicted of. Now, Moses-EL is trying to claim the monetary compensation that Colorado law offers to people who have been wrongfully imprisoned so that he can try to build a life for himself and his family. But DA McCann and AG Coffman have announced their intention to block it. Despite repeatedly making statements during her campaign for DA about not wanting to put Moses-EL back on trial, DA McCann’s is set to force him back into court by backing AG Coffman’s effort to avoid paying Moses-EL the $1.9 million in compensation he is entitled to.

Beth McCann: uphold the promises you made to the people of Denver during your campaign to let Moses-EL move on with his life. AG Coffman: make justice for an innocent man more important than saving state dollars.

Please ask your elected officials to agree that Mr. Moses-EL is actually innocent and should receive compensation under Colorado law:

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman

(720) 508-6000

Denver District Attorney Beth McCann

(720) 913-9000



In 1988, Clarence Mose-EL was convicted of rape. He maintained his innocence the entire time until 2012 when another man admitted to committing the act for which Moses-EL had already served 24 years. In all, Clarence served 28 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. He was pursued relentlessly by former Denver DA MItch Morrissey, all while law enforcement had thrown out DNA evidence that could have proven undoubtedly Moses EL’s innocence and the prosecution had ignored mounting evidence; including DNA matches, former convictions, and key testimony that Clarence was not the person who committed the rape.

This case maligned the credibility of the Denver District Attorney’s office as, while pursuing Moses-EL with a narrative that didn’t align with reality, they allowed another man to continue harming others by ignore the evidence that he was the actual rapist. During the 2016 Denver DA race, candidates rejected the legitimacy of the case against Moses-EL. Current DA Beth McCann repeatedly claimed on the campaign trail that she didn’t agree with the way that Moses-EL had been pursued and that she would absolutely not bring charges against him again.

Now, Moses-EL is seeking monetary damages for the 28 years he served as an innocent man who was exonerated in 2016. As of 2013, Colorado law permits people who have been exonerated after wrongful imprisonment to seek damages. But later this week, both Attorney General Cynthia Coffman and Denver District Attorney Beth McCann are set to file position statements with the court saying that, despite having his convictions vacated and being found not guilty by a jury, they do not believe Moses-EL’s claims of innocence, and instead they will force him to go to court once again to prove his innocence.

For even more information on Clarence Moses-EL’s saga, check out the CO Independent’s in-depth coverage:



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