D​.​U. Against Faulty Results | Unite against the injustices of the administration

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D.U. Against Faulty Results

Unite against the injustices of the administration

Date: 20th May 2020

We, the students of Delhi University condemn the irresponsible and corrupt behavior of the University administration.
The administration handled the evaluation process of the previous semester in a grossly irresponsible manner. These examinations were conducted during the month of November-December 2019. In January 2020, the teachers of the University boycotted the evaluation process as they were fighting for their issues concerning the basic dignity of employment. The administration instead of negotiating with the teachers and resolving their demands got the exam sheets evaluated from inept personnel. The results published by the University clearly showed several discrepancies. Many students were given consistently low scores in all subjects irrespective of their exam performance. Some of the students even failed in their subjects despite having a decent academic record in the previous semesters. All of this cannot be a simple coincidence especially when the phenomena is pervasive across colleges and across courses.

After this disaster, the administration expects the students to pay 1000 rupees per subject for getting their papers re-evaluated. To expect a single rupee for these unfair results is absolutely criminal.

We want to alert the students to the simple fact that the terms and procedures of revaluation as given by University guidelines can not resolve the problem of lowered semester grades. The guidelines state that only if the re-evaluated score exceeds 5 to 10% marks, the average of the re-evaluated score and the original score will be taken. If the re-evaluated score exceeds ten percent from the minimum score, then the paper will be evaluated for a third time and the ‘average of the two nearest awards out of the first three awards thus available (including the original award) shall be taken as final.’ Clearly the average of the re-evaluated marks taken by the above mentioned criterion will give no relief to the student community.*

Thus, we demand free mass revaluation for all students with re-evaluated marks considered as final. The university guidelines for revaluation were applicable when the primary process of evaluation was decently fair and the students considered the marks they got to be below their expectations due to lapse of judgement by a single teacher and not as a result of a systemic failure. What is going on right now is a case of system failure, the students were clearly wronged by the University administration and thus in these special circumstances, the re- evaluated marks out of the two evaluations should be considered as final.

We also demand an impartial investigation into the whole episode. We demand that the administration issue a public clarification for the reasons of this injustice due to which thousands of students are suffering today.

We demand an answer from the Delhi University Students Union which has been silent on this issue. If they are negotiating with the administration, we demand the minutes of their meeting(s). We demand a public statement from their side clarifying their stance on the issue. No assurance for the students has been given from their quarter. If the elected post bearers of the students union think that they are incapable of doing the task for which they are elected, we humbly suggest that they resign from their posts. We are not the launch pads of their political careers. If they do not wish to fight for the issues of students in these critical times, they should refrain from contesting elections in the future.

We appeal to the student and the teacher’s community to unite against this injustice. We appeal to the Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) to come forward and help the students on this issue. We, the students of University of Delhi refuse to remain silent against this injustice. We shall either win or continue with our struggle despite the ongoing crisis.

The Students United shall always be Victorious.
* http://www.du.ac.in/du/uploads/Forms/students_related_forms/22072016_Revaluation_Form_1.pdf