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D.E.F.R.A and P.M. David Cameron: Have meat products of ritual animal slaughters labelled as no-stun or stun

Like how people choose to buy free-range eggs because the eggs came from chickens who have lead healthy lives, people decide whether to buy meat from animals that have been pre-stunned before religious-based slaughters or not.

But the problem is that you cannot tell if the meat came from a ritual-slaughter that pre-stunned the animals or not. This is why I am asking for the government to introduce labels on packaging of ALL meat sold in Britain, saying whether the meat came from stunned animals or non-stunned animals from ritual slaughters.

Businesses can benefit from labelling products so that people will know where to shop for specific. This will also benefit customers too as they will know how the animal was killed (painfully or painlessly) and will help them in their choice of buying food.

We are calling for the government to introduce a law that requires ALL food-related businesses within the UK to label their meat products:

- If the meat is from animals that HAVE been pre-stunned before a ritual slaughter
- If the meat is from animals that have NOT been pre-stunned before a ritual slaughter

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  • Department of Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs [United Kingdom]
    Lord de Mauley
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    David Cameron

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