Get D&B Supply to Stop Selling Pet Rabbits

Get D&B Supply to Stop Selling Pet Rabbits

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Sophia Uhlenhoff started this petition to D&B Supply and

Unsuspecting customers frequently impulse buy baby bunnies and rabbits from D&B Supply, not realizing that rabbits require a LOT of work (they poop 300 times a day), don't do well with small children, and require a complex diet and specialized vet care. After their child grows bored of the bunny and stops keeping up with their care, many parents surrender the bunny to a rescue or shelter, or worse, dump them outside (often a death sentence for a domesticated rabbit). 86 percent of people who surrender to Save a Bun Rabbit Rescue give up rabbits that were originally purchased from D&B Supply.

Additionally, D&B Supply has a terrible track record of correctly sexing their rabbits. We've received several surrender cases where someone bought two rabbits from D&B and was told they were both girls (or both boys) but then the bunnies had babies. A particularly horrible case of this was when someone's two rabbits had a litter, and then at only 3.5 months old, that litter started having inbred babies of their own! Because this second round of bunnies was far too young to be having litters, they ate their kits out of stress, nutrient deficiency, and confusion.

Save a Bun Rabbit Rescue has also had several hoarding situations originate out of D&B Supply. Customers bought a small number of rabbits from D&B and then a few months to a year later had 80 or more inbred rabbits, which then ended up at our rescue. Currently, we're helping with two hoarding/dumping situations, one with 150 rabbits and one with 350.

Once we’ve collected signatures, we’ll present this petition to the D&B locations that currently sell rabbits, along with a letter reiterating the problems in the community their rabbit sales have caused. We’ve tried contacting Corporate about this several times but were only met with indifference. We hope that showing them that this is an important issue to Idaho and nearby residents will encourage them to make a change.

Please help end this suffering and sign.

D&B Locations that Sell Rabbits

·      Nampa, Idaho

·      Meridian, Idaho

·      Overland – Boise, Idaho

·      Glenwood – Boise, Idaho

·      Kuna, Idaho

·      Mountain Home, Idaho

·      Twin Falls, Idaho

·      Baker City, Oregon

·      La Grande, Oregon (sells only during Easter)

·      Pendleton, Oregon (only sells seasonally)

Shout-out to D&B Locations that Do Not Sell Rabbits

·      Caldwell, Idaho

·      Boise Eastgate, Idaho

·      Emmett, Idaho

·      Jerome, Idaho

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!