Love is Not Tourism, South-Africa

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Inspired by the #LoveIsNoTourism movement, we want to bring this concern to the president's attention, and ask that he too finds a way to make an exception for South-African's to go see their loved ones outside of Africa.

Denmark and Sweden have already found a way, and more will follow quickly.
How come people can go out to the beach and party, but long-distance couples still have to wait it out?
South-Africa specifically has issued some very strict rules regarding travel.

Let couples, married and unmarried, families and separated loved ones reunite!
Let them fill in an official declaration to proof they are family or in a committed relationship.
Place Family and Relationship reuniting on the list of essential travel.
We will self-isolate on arrival.
We will get tested if needed.

Our need to go see our spouses and loved ones isn't a vacation.
If tourists can go lay on the beach, leave their traces around the world, then loved ones should be reunited.