Cedarlanelabs.com Cut Ties with ITR Animal Torture!

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Cedarlanelabs.com and it's President - Cynthia N. Greer cut business ties with ITR animal torture lab.

ITR (International Toxicology Research) - (located in Montreal, Canada) performs heinous experiments on live animals like macaque monkeys, beagles, and pigs while these animal are still conscious. These animals are mercilessly poisoned, painfully mutilated, and brutally killed for cosmetic testing and research.

Cedarlanelabs.com (located in Burlington, ON, Canada) is responsible for supplying the medical equipment used to poison and suffocate innocent animals to death.  They are the reason plastic tubing is shoved into the noses and throats of animals, toxic injections, and other malicious acts of violence continue to happen. 

A recent undercover investigation shows how ITR (Cedarlanelabs.com) make money from brutalizing innocent animals on the link below:


It is embarrassing and shameful that you and your company are responsible for torturing thousands animals to death.

Call Cynthia N. Greer 1 (289) 288-0001 and demand her company stop enabling ITR to torture animals to death.

Do what's right for the animals! Cut ties with ITR!