Cyber Safety for India

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Hello everyone, i am Mieet Shah the founder of firm CYBERMATRICKS, here i am creating this petition for some serious issues regarding Cyber Security.

We see that in today’s life Digitalisation has become very important part of out life and it would be even more important in upcoming years but as we see that with the growth of digital world the crime relating to it are also increasing which we call as “CYBER CRIMES” and in this time we need to have primary focus on such a serious issue.

Filing this petition means that we are able and ready to defend and defeat those threats. We have seen there Cyber Crimes like getting fake call asking for OTP or taking out money from bank accounts via digital medium known as “HACKING”, moreover data based hacking like locking data with Ransomware, Leaking Data, Selling Data, Deep Web or Black Online Markets or social media craps like Facebook hacking, Instagram Hacking or Fake Profiling or Spoofing emails.

Signing this petition can bring many changes to us and can lead to better innovation and also a great boost to digitalisation.