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Klaroline Is Not Over!

Letter to
Julie Plec, the writers of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals
Dear CW,

We the fans started this petition to help show The CW Network how much we care about "Klaroline" (Klaus and Caroline). We are all well aware that Klaroline wasn't supposed to be something big and that Julie Plec simply planned for them to fill only 3-5 episodes. The audience instantly fell in love with Klaus and Caroline’s characters after seeing the connection that that they had, thus forming what is today known as Klaroline. We hoped that maybe someday we could see more of them. Sadly for the Klaroline fans the spin-off “The Originals" separated our beloved characters.

Since Joseph Morgan’s character Klaus moved to his own show and Candice Accola’s character Caroline stayed on “The Vampire Diaries” most of us support both shows. We tune in every week and help promote the shows by trending things on Twitter or talking about the shows on various social networks, which in turn gives BOTH shows a lot of promotion. The CW as a Network can no longer deny the fact that Klaroline is everywhere. One prime example of Klaroline being everywhere is when you Google “The Originals” the first image to appear is a fan made promotion where Caroline appears. Both shows Facebook pages are full with Klaroline talk, reading through images posted on the sites all you can read about is viewers talking about Klaroline and how much they want it to happen.

We the loyal viewers of these shows have waited 8 months for another scene between our two favorite characters, which we finally received for the 100th episode of “The Vampire Diaries.” We were thankful and elated for what we received considering we hadn’t had a scene between them since May, but that happiness was short lived when Julie Plec crushed our dreams. Right after the 100th episode aired there were over three different interviews published on Zap2It, EOnline and TVGuide.

All of those interviews were of Julie Plec stating that Klaroline is over for now. In those interviews Plec referred to the scenes that happened in "The Vampre Diaries" 100th episode as "closure" when in fact it was far from it. Throughout the season we were lead to believe that this pair would be together especially after the last episode of season four where Klaus told Caroline "I intend to be your last, however long it takes." That quote right there has been listed on several websites as one of the best quotes in
"The Vampire Diaries" history. There is no way that the scene that was given, is anywhere near "closure" if anything it actually left fans wanting more.

As fans who have been watching for years we cannot accept this. We have tried talking to Julie Plec in the past, there have even been several fan events where she has been asked direct questions about Klaroline but in the end our pleas have been denied. Since she doesn't want to talk to the Klaroline Fans or Klaroliners as we like to call ourselves, we thought about starting this petition. It is completely understandable that due to timing and other things that come into play that Joseph Morgan is unable to film two shows at once but it is definitely within reason for Candice Accola’s character to be able to go to “The Originals.”

In interviews Julie implies that Caroline (Accola’s character) is the soul of “The Vampire Diaries” when in fact that is simply not true. There are times, where we go several episodes without seeing her in any of them. At the moment Accola’s character doesn’t even have an actual storyline. We would appreciate if she could crossover onto “The Originals” where her character can have growth and fully be explored. Klaroline is not just liked by a few people; we have a huge fan base. A fan base that is constantly dominating the Twitter Trends under TV shows as well as World Wide Trending at least once a week sometimes-even everyday of the week. This fandom has won many Polls in which Klaroline was going against many reputable couples from other TV shows some who are also part of The CW Network, even though Klaroline isn’t officially together. A storyline in which Accola’s character goes to “The Originals” is perfectly plausible considering how things left off between the two characters.

After two years of fighting for Klaus and Caroline to finally be together, we believe it is about time, they finally get their chance and we the fans finally have our moment.

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