Make pharmacies drive thru only during the corona crisis

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Like many other healthcare professionals, pharmacy employees are being put at risk with the corona virus situation going on. People will continue to need their medications and should continue to have pharmacy access, but when it is possible to limit exposure, necessary steps should be taken. Limiting pharmacies to drive thru only will help protect, not only the customers, but the employees who come into contact with hundreds of customers a day. Many other businesses are closing or limiting hours, but most pharmacies are remaining open and even extending front store hours. To help minimize exposure, front stores do not need to be open.  Customers are vital to businesses, but so are employees. Their health and well-being should also be a top priority, but so far it doesn’t seem to be. So let’s try and make pharmacies drive thru only until the Coronavirus is u set control! Let’s get the corporate chains to do more than provide their employees with more than a few cans of Lysol! Let’s help protect the employees while they have to continue their essential job! I know that I, like many of my coworkers, am not comfortable with all of the foot traffic going on in store while it is highly suggested for everyone to remain in their homes and distance themselves socially. Let’s get pharmacy employees the help they need right now!