Sterilization of stray dogs in Bangalore

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We have recently come to know that sterilization(neutering) of stray dogs have stopped completely in Bangalore because BBMP has awstopped paying the reimbursement dues to the NGOs that were performing these procedures on a regular basis since 2009.

According to Animal Birth Control Rule(2001), "Every stray animal(especially dogs) should be neutered, vaccinated with anti-rabies and relocated to their respective areas" so that the stray population can be kept in check in order to maintain a clean and hygienic society. Thus following the law the Municipal Corporations of every state collaborated with the respective NGOs to undergo sterilization of stray dogs. For this work the municipal bodies are allocated with Rs 1000 per stray dog. 

Following this procedure every year from 2009 to 2015 on an average 30000-40000 stray dogs have been neutered on a regular basis in Bangalore. Initially 7-8 NGOs used to do the work in Bangalore but due to constant non-cooperation from BBMP 5 of them has permanently shut down the process as they were in hefty loan incurred during the sterilization process as BBMP was not reimbursing them. Now currently only 2 NGOs namely CUPA (Compassion Unlimited Plus Action) and Sarvodaya Sevabhavi Samstha are active in this process but they have also decided to stop the work completely as they are also under heavy financial constraints( close to 30 lakh rupees) as BBMP is not paying their dues.

According to BBMP they have already sanction the due Rs 48 lakhs but CUPA has received only Rs 18 lakhs and the remaining Rs 30lakhs is still pending with the finance department, 

Thus it is an earnest request to the BBMP from all the dog lovers that please see into the matter ASAP and try to resolve the issue so that the work can be resumed  without any further delay so that both human beings and their canine best friends can live together healthily and hygienically to make a beautiful society. 


Source: The Hindu