Get K9 Galo back with his family

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Please help reunite K9 Galo with his family!

Sean Bradley has been a Police Officer with the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority since December 2011. He started with the department as a Reserve Officer working in the most dangerous areas of Cleveland for free. In November 2013 after two years of working full time in a warehouse and weekends in Cleveland for no pay he was finally sworn in as a full time officer. In 2014 he received the medal of heroism and was awarded officer of the year.

In April of 2015 he was assigned to the Canine Unit where he met his partner and best friend Galo. They went through a 6 week training course where they trained for 10-16 hours a day and was only paid for 8 hours of training. A couple weeks into this training his father was diagnosed with Cancer. While he was hospitalized Sean was unable to see him or visit him due to the long intense training. He could remember driving in the cruiser wanting to quit so bad but he would look back at Galo and think to himself that there was no way he was giving up on this dog. From the moment he met him he was in love with him. Galo is his best friend, partner, and protector.

In February of 2017 Canine Galo and Sean responded to a call for service for a potential Aggravated Burglary male armed with a gun threatening to kill his child's mother and their children. They arrived on scene and spotted the suspect leaving the area with another male. As they approached both males began to flee on foot. Sean’s trainee at the time pursued one male while he pursued the second male on foot. While pursuing the male Sean observed him tugging on his right side attempting to remove something from his waistband. Canine Galo and Sean continued pursuing him at which time he removed a semi automatic firearm extending his arm back at Sean firing a shot. Canine Galo immediately bit the suspect in his right arm taking him down to the ground and saving Sean’s life.

He has recently decided to transition to another department to try to better support his family. He has a wife and 4 daughters! About 1 hour after he turned in his resignation letter he received a call from the company where they purchased their dogs from telling him, he got a call from the department saying that Sean had resigned and turned in all his "equipment except for Galo" and that he was to come to Sean’s house to retrieve this so called "piece of equipment". His daughters who are 10, 9, 5, and 10 months old can not grasp the fact that their brother Galo is gone and they will never see again.  Asking his wife, “why, why cant we keep Galo. Why do they have to keep him!?" Sean and his wife do not even know where to begin to try to explain this tragic situation to their children. Sean contacted the chief of police and offered to buy Galo, whatever the cost but found out that Galo would go to another handler for the remaining 2 years of service.

Please help K9 Galo get back to his family!