Don't abandon South Euclid-Lyndhurst historic Telling Mansion.

Cuyahoga County Public Library plans to move the South Euclid-Lyndhurst Library out of its current location in the historic Telling Mansion. Telling Mansion is on the National Register of Historic Places and is South Euclid's architectural jewel. It can be restored to energy efficiency and made fully accessible to the disabled for $5 million.

The Library has NO PLAN for the Telling Mansion if they move out.

Once it is closed the public will no longer be able to enjoy this beautiful place. Euclid Creek runs behind Telling Mansion and could be jeopardized by the land changing ownership.  

We do not want a cookie-cutter, sprawling building that will cost over $12 million, will threaten Nine-Mile Creek, and take more residential and green space. New does not equal better.

Building a new library will decrease jobs and revenue to the city of South Euclid. The properties on the proposed site on Green Road are currently generating property tax. The Library does not pay property tax, so if it buys these three properties, they are removing them from the tax rolls. Additionally, the Library says it will save money because it will need fewer employees in the new building and will eliminate jobs by attrition. No matter how you eliminate a job, it is gone.

The current central location is convenient for all South Euclid and Lyndhurst residents and is close to the community's high school. The proposed location will be more convenient for people living in University Heights and Beachwood; both of these communities currently have their own library.

South Euclid and Lyndhurst city officials COULD STOP THIS if they wanted to do so. Signing this petition will tell them, the Cuyahoga County Public Library board members, and other decision makers that you want the South Euclid-Lyndhurst Library to remain in Telling Mansion.

 P.S. Stay tuned for the public hearing regarding the necessary rezoning of the Green Road properties.




Letter to
Board Member Susan Adams
Judge, Court of Common Pleas Robert C. McClelland
Judge, Court of Common Pleas Timothy McCormick
and 37 others
Judge, Court of Common Pleas Brendan J. Sheehan
Judge, Court of Common Pleas Holly L. Gallagher
Judge, Court of Common Pleas Daniel Gall
Judge, Court of Common Pleas Stuart A. Friedman
Judge, Court of Common Pleas Carolyn B. Friedland
Judge, Court of Common Pleas Brian J. Corrigan
Judge, Court of Common Pleas Richard J. McMonagle.
Ohio House Minority Leader Representative Armond Budish
Board President Robert Varley
Councilperson Dennis Fiorelli
Councilperson Ed Icove
County Executive Ed Fitzgerald
Ohio House District 9 Representative Barbara Boyd
Ohio Senate District 21 Senator Shirley Smith
Board member appointed March 2013. Patricia Shlonsky
Ohio Senate Minority Whip Senator Nina Turner
Judge, Court of Common Pleas Maureen E. Clancy
Judge, Court of Common Pleas Janet A. Burnside
Councilperson Keith Packard
Councilperson Charles LoPresti
Councilperson Joseph Marko
Special Assistant James Boyle
Community Relations Director Keith Benjamin
Director Sari Feldman
Board Member Dale Powers
Board Member Edna Fuentes-Casiano
Councilperson Patrick Ward
Councilperson Lane Schlessel
Judge, Court of Common Pleas Pamela A. Barker
Judge, Court of Common Pleas Michael Astrab
Administrative and Presiding Judge Nancy A. Fuerst
County Council Representative Sunny Simon
Board Vice President Marie Haller
Mayor Joseph Cicero, Jr.
Councilperson David Frey
Councilperson Joe Gambatese
Board Member Edward Blakemore
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Cuyahoga County Public Library Board.

Cuyahoga County Library System wants to eliminate The Telling Mansion from its system and build a new South Euclid Lyndhurst Library on Green Road across from Notre Dame.

What’s wrong with this plan?

The Telling Mansion is South Euclid’s architectural jewel. We have banners flying along Mayfield Road depicting our city's pride. What else does South Euclid have? We have very little green space, no recreation center, no public historic building except this elegant mansion that we can all enjoy.

The new proposed building is a library for Beachwood, University Heights, and Notre Dame College. It is not located near a central area in South Euclid or Lyndhurst. It is not near the high school that it serves.

The new library will cost about $12 million while the mansion can be renovated for about $5 million, including full access for the disabled. Building a new library seems a poor financial decision.

The proposed building sight is on 5 acres of green space which is currently a residential sight. It is above the 9 mile creek water shed and next to a bioswale helping to keep that water shed healthy. They have already compromised this creek with Oakwood Development. Is this sustainable, the county systems says yes, but it will be a one floor sprawling strip mall style building with plenty of paved parking.

Also, the Euclid Creek is located adjacent to the Telling Mansion which could also be compromised. Even though it is on the Historic Register, it could be sold to a private entity and the public would no longer have access to it.