RESIGN! for the Good of the Game

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'Zifa is rotten, disjointed and confused', 'rotten, lacking in professionalism and accountability' said Minister of Sport Andrew Langa.

Dear Cuthbert Dube

We are and will remain deeply committed to the well-being of the beautiful game in Zimbabwe. Out of our love and concern for our national sport, football, the we have concluded that your tenure at ZIFA should not continue. Because we believe that you share that love and concern, we hope that you will resign voluntarily, and we ask that you begin the process of negotiating your resignation with your Board and Councillors.

          You can be proud of many accomplishments during your tenure as ZIFA President.

          However, your tenure has been marked by a recurrent and worsening chaos at 53 Livingstone Av with regard to among other challenges, the support, preparation or management of National Team, coaching clinics and many other operations organised by your secretariat including Board Meetings. The embarrassing events and related chaotic situations are now public fodder and have been widely reported in the media to the detriment of the integrity of your person, office of ZIFA President and ZIFA as a sport organisation. 

 This has gone on for too long, and has occurred in too many situations in too many different times.

Your dismal failure in leadership and the absence of goodwill from the custodians of the game in Zimbabwe constitutes a severe threat to our community and your own safety and security too. It angers and demoralizes players, coaches and all whose livelihood and future depends on the football industry, fans whose entertainment, pride and patriotism is in football. It jeopardizes the finances of ZIFA, because of the direct connection between integrity of leadership and generous sponsorship. It threatens the vitality of ZIFA programs, which depend on the fans attending games and the generosity of sponsors/partners of ZIFA as a credible and trustworthy organisation. It makes the recruitment of the next generation of football leaders more and more difficult. And, most important, it is directly contrary to the spirit and identity of your lifetime career in Leadership. Leadership is about positively influencing people and other organisations towards a common goal.

For the many years serving in many different Boards, it is possible that this nightmare and embarrassing situation, may not arise. But here at ZIFA, the problem has become too severe and intractable to be ignored any longer. The fact remains that as an elected official you are held to a higher standard and recent events and many before, are not acceptable! You have inevitably become a distraction to the challenging matters of football. We know that you have a conscience and it is telling you that you have given your best effort and there is need to swallow your pride. Your actions, past, present and future, are the gauge here. You and only you have the power to change the equation by subtracting yourself and your team from the discourse.

There is only one solution, which is the orderly end of your tenure as ZIFA President. The time has come, you should go in peace with some dignity. 

Of course, you will need to consider the situation carefully, seek ethical counsel and discuss it with your family.

But, please! RESIGN! for the good of the beautiful game.

We wish you the best.

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