Keep 51fifty Energy Drink on Save Mart's shelves

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We are reaching out on behalf of 51FIFTY Energy Drink. A bunch of people and groups who support 51FIFTY Energy Drink have been spammed by a person on Facebook in an attempt to make 51FIFTY look insensitive toward the mentally ill. This person is misrepresenting 51FIFTY to everyone they partner with and we don't think this is fair.


Save Mart Supermarkets has responded to their cries by discontinuing 51FIFTY Energy Drink from their stores. Stand up and be heard and let Save Mart know you support 51FIFTY and want the product on their shelves.

51FIFTY is a stand up company that does a ton of charity work to help families that are living with autism as well as the less fortunate. In fact, they just flew in Evander Holyfield to Livingston to inspire young athletes at their annual "Gloves Not Drugs Boxing Show”.

There is so much this company does in partnership with the Carlos Vieira Foundation, the nonprofit founded by the CEO of 51FIFTY that provides grants for families living with autism and holds multiple fundraisers throughout the year. Check out their website We should be proud to support a company that gives back so much to the community.

It’s very scary to think that someone could potentially ruin a company's image and endanger the livelihoods of its hardworking employees all because of how they perceive a name.

If this is really about a name. What about Krazy Glue? What about El Pollo Loco? If it's about a slogan, what about Cinnamon Toast Crunch's "Crazy good". Any of these can be twisted to mean something unfavorable.

51FIFTY is very sensitive toward the mentally ill and met the California NAMI chapter last year after the story ran. The owner of 51FIFTY, Carlos Vieira even met with Eve herself, only to have the interaction twisted to make Carlos look cold and uncooperative.

These people are trying to make others think that the company doesn't know or care about what 5150 means. 51FIFTY has always made it understood that whenever it's being referred to, it's "51FIFTY" and not "5150" for that very reason.

And what "51FIFTY" actually means is being crazy enough to chase your dreams despite the naysayers. It has as much to do with the mentally ill as "March Madness" does.



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